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After graduation, many of us find ourselves standing in a maze. We are clueless about the career choices we are going to make. There are so many opportunities out there. You can try for jobs related to your field of study.

Sometimes, people dream big and want to do something independently. They think of starting their own business. The number of entrepreneurs has grown over the years and some of them have become successful in life.

This magazine is about making career choices. Our articles will help you to decide which career choice to make. You will learn about the various kinds of jobs that are available in different fields, while wealso provide tips on how to write CV, search for a job, prepare for an interview, and more.

If you want to become an entrepreneur, then you can learn about various successful entrepreneurs and how their journey was. You can get useful tips on how to start a new business, stay competitive and be successful.

This magazine is very resourceful and will help anyone looking for a job or wanting to start a new business. We trust that you will enjoy reading the magazine.