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You will find various job classifieds where you will see thousands of job postings every day. Similarly, we are offering a chance to advertise your business and job postings in this magazine.

As this is a career-related magazine, people who are looking for jobs are likely to read this magazine. So, you can get your desired employees and also get a chance to promote your business here.

As an entrepreneur, you must be struggling with your marketing budget. Our affordable advertising solutions will help you to reach your target customers. Here are the various advertising options we are offering.

Banner ads

Banner ads are very effective in reaching targeted audiences. Those who are interested in your business or job will click on the ad and get diverted to your site, ultimately increasing traffic to your site. We offer various sizes of banner ads.

The advertising rate varies according to the size of the banner. There are time slabs for the banner ads to appear on our magazine. Your cost will vary according to that as well.

We can even help you in preparing the banner ad. We have very talented people in our advertising team who can help you with it.

Newsletter ads

We circulate newsletters to our subscribers every month. The readers eagerly wait for our newsletters as they get lots of freebies and tickets to various events. You can advertise your business here.


We organize various job fairs and seminars for entrepreneurs to help them accomplish their dreams. You can sponsor these events to boost your brand image. We organize various contests as well and you can sponsor those too.

We highlight our sponsors at these events. So, you will get a lot of exposure with us.

Contact us to learn about our advertising rates. You can also get in touch with us for any inquiry related to our advertising options. We hope you will advertise with us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.